• I am really happy to have found your website. Your products are great and the detailed analysis of the componenets which you provide is an added plus. Since I use the oils medically, it is crucial for me to know the chemo types and that they are actually pure.  Thank you again and best regards....Ursula, Switzerland
  • I am a fairly new customer to the essential oils and the Aromatics International site.  I have to say I have been pleased with every product that I have received - all of the ingredients are top quality and I have enjoyed using the different carrier oils with my essential oil blends.  Also, I am quite impressed with how quickly I receive my order and the whole ordering process is quick and easy.  Also, I used the "unscented lotion" with some essential oils and made a really nice skin moisturizer which is Wonderful!!!  I am now making some of these products as gifts for my family and friends to share how nice they are.  I would recommend any of the products that are on your site.  The pricing of the essential oils is also very reasonable and I like the fact that you give coupons (like the one you did recently this week) and sales items.  That helps us customers to keep coming back!  Regards...Rachel
  • I'm surprised at the quality of the essential oils. There is a noticeable difference from the products available in my health food store. The smells are just lovely. I even found that I like some oils that I previously thought I did not because yours are much nicer.  I am enjoying my class and looking forward to learning even more.  Katherina F.,  Virginia
  • I've been a customer of yours since 2010 and I just want to say how great I think you guys are.  Also, I was reading over your German Chamomile profile and I felt suddenly moved to share my experience with this wonderful oil. I used to have terrible skin. I mean TERRIBLE. I suffered from acne rosacea that came in the form of horrible, painful cystic acne. I started using German Chamomile in my moisturizer as well as making a simple face mask of a couple drops of the oil with manuka honey.  It worked WONDERS.  I have not had any cysts on my face since and it's also been amazing help with stress. Anyway, I don't know why I suddenly felt like writing you and praising the oil (as well as you guys!) but there you have it. :-) Have a great day!     Sarah, New York
  • I LOVE the Advanced oil kit!!!! I've been staying up super late the last few nights working on blends for myself and for one of my case studies!  (not good to cut my sleep time even shorter, but this stuff is super addicting and I can't help it!!)  I'm having a lotta fun working with the oils and I'm soooo glad I just dove in head first by buying the advanced kit!  It's awesome!   Every time I read about an oil that I could use in a blend, I look in the box and I have it!  Can't tell you how great it is to not be limited by a small collection of oils....  Tamara, Aromatherapy Student, Minnesota.  
  • I am a Pharmacist by profession. When working with Pharmaceuticals and Vitamins, I want the best quality available for my family, friends and patients. When I find the best product I then have faith that particular product will do what it is supposed to do because it has no added ingredients. In other words, it is pure and unadulterated.  I look at Essential Oils in the same manner. After all, Essential Oils are medicinal substances that come from natural products, plants. When I use Essential Oils I am using them for a certain therapeutic outcome. As with Pharmaceuticals, I want the purest substance I can find. That is why I buy my oils from Andrea. She buys directly from the distillers and has a Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry performed for each oil. These GCMS sheets are included, routinely, when you receive the oil. These sheets will give you information about the purity of the oil by listing the chemical constituents. Not only can these chemicals differ from region to region for the same oil, but also from one season to the next due to environmental factors. It is important to receive these GCMS sheets to review and verify the chemicals for your desired outcome, and this is just part of her doing business. I have been very pleased with the oils I have purchased from Andrea. I would recommend her oils to everyone.I would also recommend Andrea’s Aromatherapy Certification Course. The course is very well planned and the pace is very good. There is a wealth of information jam packed into one binder and 15 days of classes. The way the class is spread over a few months makes it less intense and less intimidating. You have time to study and comprehend the material before you move to the next section. Andrea has a great learning environment all wrapped around this wonderful packing of information. This course is highly recommended for anyone wanting to work seriously with Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.   Ronald Fedeles, Regsitered Pharmacist, Certified Aromatherapist- Tampa, Florida
  • "Thank you for providing such easy access to quality product! I arrived home last night to my new and exciting box of goodies :) I love how quickly you send off the orders. I love the diffuser! I've never used an electric one before and I think I am hooked...it is perfect!"
Rachel Williams, LMT, New York
  • My order arrived 2 weeks ago. I I have been using what I considered to be the BEST oils in the world for around 2 years now. HOWEVER, let me say, your oils are simply STUNNING.......I am totally crazy about them. One can inhale the quality which is just so tantalizing. Thank you, thank you.
Glyn, Australia
  • I am currently finishing the Certified Aromatherapy Course with Andrea Butje and it has been a life changing experience for me both professionally and personally. I have been a massage therapist for ten years and currently own and operate a massage & wellness center. I'd been using 'health food store' essential oils for over ten years and was immediately blown away by the difference in quality that was obvious just by smelling truly therapeutic grade essential oils. I am constantly amazed at the breadth and healing power of these oils. Though I have had a long standing personal interest in natural healing, my experience with Andrea's high quality essential oils have revolutionized my concept of healing. The healing power of these oils is deep, undeniable and complete! Andrea is a true pioneer and leading educator in the field of aromatherapy as we know it in the USA. Her strong commitment to supporting the organic and wildcrafted essential oil community gives us some of the most therapeutically effective oils available today, not to mention aromatically beautiful. When purchasing oils from Aromatic International you can rest assured your oils have been painstakingly researched for quality. Each batch of oil has been GCMS tested for purity and therapeutic value. Andrea Butje's dedication to the art and science of aromatherapy is unquestionable. I strongly advise anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of essential oils to seek out the certification course offered by Andrea. The course is masterly planned so that by the end you will confidently know more than you could have ever imagined about the therapeutic application of essential oils. As I said, my life has been greatly enriched both personally and professionally by the knowledgeable use of essential oils.
Pamela Westerman, LMT, Certified Aromatherapist- Georgia
  • I received my order safe & sound.  I just wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate your help.  It means a lot.  Your packaging is lovely by the way.  Clear concise labels with the latin names, and labels on the caps too.   You are right, your vetiver is divine!  And the vanilla oleoresin, wow!  The jasmine shocked me though.  Its soooo intense, one drop is likely to take over the universe.  I will have to be lighthanded with it for sure.And vintage patchouli?  Yum. Thanks!   Michele Milster
  • I was thrilled to learn that you will be offering your exquisite essential oils for sale on your web store. As a graduate of your Aromatherapy Certification Program, I became rather addicted to the quality of your oils!  As the former retail manager of the Bookstore at the Florida School of Massage, I have high standards for the quality of products I want to purchase. I love knowing that when I purchase Aromatics International oils, I will be getting the purest oils possible, all from organic and wild crafted sources. I know your standards are high and that every single batch of oils you purchase will be GC/MS tested by an independent lab with the test results available to me. I don't have to think twice about the quality of any product I buy from you. Whether it's products or education, excellence is always your standard. Thank you!  Lee Whitridge, M.S., L.M.T., Certified Aromatherapist - Florida
  • I highly recommend Andrea Butje as an educator and supplier of essential oils. I use her oils in my aromatherapy practice and trust completely that she offers only the highest therapeutic grade essential oils and education in Aromatherapy. She's passionate about essential oils and her dedication to quality is impeccable!  Margaret Bergen, Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner- Florida
  • In my 25 years of practice as a Naturopath and Chiropractor, I have rarely encountered the level of expertise and ethical responsibility that I experienced taking Andrea Butje’s "Aromatherapy Certification Program" this past year. Not only are the essential oils that Andrea sells of the highest therapeutic quality (unsprayed and organic, along with individual GC/MS for each oil), they are aromatically exquisite! To study with Andrea and her essential oils is to be in aromatic heaven.  Edie Pett, Naturopath and Chiropractor, Certified Aromatherapist- Canada
  • What an incredible resource! Andrea's dedication to quality and education in the field of aromatherapy has resulted in an excellent source for essential oils. All of the oils that I have purchased from Andrea have been of the highest quality and have served my massage and aromatherapy practice well. I appreciate Andrea's focus on sharing all information regarding her oils and making the GC/MS reports readily available. Hers is the kind of business that I want to support. Not only has she mastered the craft of importing essential oils from all over the world, but her deep knowledge of aromatherapy makes her an invaluable resource in our field of practice.  Sue Dozoretz, LMT, Certified Aromatherapist - New York
  • After all these years of reading about essential oils and buying "off the shelf" at health food stores, I have finally found a resource for oils with consistent quality backed up by science. There is no comparison to the freshness at Aromatics International, I never knew what I was missing! Everything you would ever need to know about an oil, from the country of origin to the organic chemistry is right there at your fingertips. The aromas are exquisite. I have been reading and learning about oils for 15 years. When I completed Andrea's Aromatherapy Certification Program I finally had all the skills and tools I needed to understand the chemistry and individual therapeutic properties of essential oils and carriers. The in-depth knowledge I gained exceeded my expectations and has enhanced my practice beyond anything I could have imagined. Oh and by the way I never laughed so much or felt so pampered in an educational setting.  Christina Polnyj, Certified Aromatherapist - Gainesville, Florida
  • I have been working with essential oils for 14 years and highly recommend Aromatics International oils. The website has excellent therapeutic grade oils! I have had the pleasure of using these high quality essential oils for the last 8 months and have made Aromatics International my primary supplier. Andrea Butje takes Aromatherapy to a higher level by providing the GC/MS for all her oils. You know the exact chemical breakdown so that the therapeutic properties can be maximized. Her dedication, research and integrity assures the best quality! She is definitely raising the standards for Aromatherapy with her quality oils. Be sure to check out her aromatherapy study courses on www.Aromahead.com as she is also an excellent teacher!  Judy Murray, Certified Aromatherapist- Albany Georgia
  • As a student and customer of Andrea's, I am very aware of her high regard for essential oil quality. Over many, many years, she has taken the time and energy to form relationships with farmers and distillers from all over the world who she knows are producing the best quality oil for her use in class and with her customers. I also appreciate the fact that she includes the GCMS with my orders; this helps me to formulate even smarter essential oil blends.  Amy Jane Stewart, Certified Aromatherapist, founder organicajane.com - Canandaigua, NY
  • How fortunate for Aromatherapists that Andrea has decided to provide us with this valuable web site. Not only can one research organic oil distributors and order in bulk, Andrea now does the work of importing, bottling and shipping these incredible oils to you as well. With the expansion of Aromahead.com, you now have at your fingertips educational materials, information on blending, recipes, safety and batch specific GC's. I've known Andrea for 15 years and can testify to her integrity as a person and her love for education. Last year I completed her NAHA approved certification class where I spend days immersed in the world of scent, gaining new appreciation for the elegance of nature that aromatherapy oils personify.Jo Anne Tomaselli, LMT, Certified Aromatherapist- North Carolina
  • I just received my order.  I LOVE YOU.  Although I have not even opened all the oils, you have already saved me so much work. Thank you so much for labeling the caps.  It makes things so much easier.  Now I have label envy.  Your printing is larger and easier to read than my little label maker makes.  Now I am off to your recipe section, but I just had to thank you first.  Kathryn Blankenship
  • I recieved my order today. I want to let you know how happy I was to see the names on the tops of the bottles. Many of us have boxes for our EO and I have nver bought one that had the lable on the top. Good thinking!! Can't wait to sell and play!  Salli Greene
  • Just want to say thank you for being there for my wife. Since she has started with your teaching and wisdom I've gotten to be a willing "tester" of her potions (blends to her). They, the potions, so far have worked for my heartburn, tendons, muscles, a friends scars, and more. Yep, your what I would call Good Medicine.  Peace & Happiness  Michael Murray, Georgia
  • I used your lotion this weekend at a wellness festival in Valatia, NY.  It was a very beautiful day.  I treated many people to custom arm & hand massages with many of your organic essential oils.  There was so much positive, special energy flowing--thank you for what you do and all of the research you put into where these oils originate.  When I use these oils in my practice you all come alive as I work this "magic".  I use this word because many people are using it when they describe    what they feel after their session with me.  These unsprayed, organic products make such a difference with the healing assistance we share with our families, friends & clients.  Please realize the number of people you touch--my goodness.  Thank you for sharing the essnetil oils with us.  Tanya LaMothe
  • Hi Karen,  Finding your site was not unlike finding a quiet, inviting library, where one can browse the aisles, feel the oak floors slightly give, smell the drying herbs. Unpretentious, yet full of personality. Bravo.  You have a wonderful, generous, sharing site. A visit with an involving, caring sage. Reading one description, the complex, rich aroma of your vintage Patchouli oil actually tricked me. I actually smelled and tasted the earthy vintage. I have experimented with blending essential oils with carrier oil for my massage therapist. She is helping me manage chronic pain. Not only do essential oils have properties that help with physical pain, but the aromas have powerful olfactory triggers that enhance my meditation. William
  • Dear Karen,  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  On just day 2 with the new oils I feel like a new person, or rather, the same old me :).  It hasn't even been 48 full hours. :) I have the stock blend steaming my head over a bowl twice a day and running my mini intermittent (15 seconds on, 30 seconds off) ultrasonic atomizer as often as I wake up and it runs out...during the daytime.  I don't think it holds as much as the one you're sending; I'm looking forward to that. I was able to attend a graduation party tonight I didn't think I'd be able to go to.  I'm pooped, but feeling so much better, and my Dr. says the rales he hears in my lungs are gone in the one and a little less in the other, so I'm definitely making headway, with oils alone. Mostly, thanks for helping me make some custom blends to start with within my budget, and thanks for the discount, enabling me to get back on my feet and spend a little less.  I expect to be back to work next week.  Karen R. from Alaska

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