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While essential oils have countless therapeutic properties, they can also be enjoyed simply by their aromas. Our sense of smell is powerful. Scent touches all our senses, and each aroma category can affect the mind and body. The Shop By Aroma section allows you to browse by aromatic family. If you know what scents you love or you’re curious to try something new, this section will help you follow your nose.

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  • Balsamic

    A unique aroma that is sweet, soft, earthy and rich all at once. Take long deep breaths with these oils and settle in for a peaceful experience. Oils with a strong balsamic aroma tend to be lower, deeper notes that take us to a forest—to an earthy, grounding aroma that can also have rich vanilla undertones. The classic balsamic aroma can be understood by smelling Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Vetiver.

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  • Camphoraceous

    Oils with this special aromatic note open the respiratory system and enliven your healing energies. These oils are a natural, healthy alternative to vapor rubs for colds and the flu. The camphoraceous aroma of these oils is clean, cool, fresh, penetrating and familiar. (Think Vicks vapor rub!) The classic oils for this aroma are Eucalyptus and Rosemary.

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  • Citrus

    Burst open your senses with vibrant citrus oils! Bright and tangy, citrus oils offer an instant splash of sweet sunshine. Uplifting, fresh, cool, sweet and appealing! Imagine peeling an orange and the bright aroma that comes through! All the citruses smell just like the fruit they are made from.

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  • Earthy

    Deep, rich, and lasting aromas. Rounding and centering when influencing blend of oils, earthy aromas have the complexity of rich soil and dense forests. These aromas last many hours after being applied to the skin and are often used as perfumes. The aroma reminds us of being in nature and the smell of spring. The classic oils that have earthy aromas are Sandalwood and Vetiver.

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  • Exotic and Sensual

    An intoxicating variety of aromas that encourage playful and sensual energy. These complex oils range from floral and sweet to spicy and deep. The defining feature of these oils is that their aromas are unique, powerful and appealing. The classic exotic and sensual aromas are Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla. This range of aromas invite your attention as they are vibrant when blended with each other and create some complex and wild perfumes!

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  • Floral

    These sweet, flowery aromas uplift the spirit and remind us just how lovely it is to take time to smell the roses. Delicate or heady, floral aromas conjure the scent of fresh flowers. The floral aroma brings spring to mind, and the aroma of new bursting flowers. Floral oils can be used as a hint in a blend or can be the primary aroma. Either way they are euphoric and range from sweet to soft.

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  • Fresh

    This clear, vibrant aroma opens the mind with hints of summertime and clean breezes. Experience the scent of crisp air after a morning rain shower. The aroma is brisk, alive and smells of fresh-cut herbs. Imagine the smell of the morning air and you have a classic fresh aroma. The oils well known for their fresh aroma are Coriander, citruses and Eucalyptus. Many oils have a fresh note, as you can see from this long list of oils!

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  • Fruity

    A fun family of playful, uplifting aromas with hints of sweetness and sharp tartness. Refreshing, sparkling and alive, fruity oils are filled with joy! Fruity aromas smell just like their fruit and bring a vibrancy to your blends. The classic fruity aromas come from Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit and Orange.

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  • Herbaceous

    The scents of home cooking and country living. Enter the perennial garden and enjoy the unique scent of fresh, natural herbs. This aroma has an earth component to it, as herbaceous aromas are very connected to the natural world. The classic herbaceous aroma comes from Carrot Seed, Rosemary and Thyme.

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  • Lemony

    The smell of fresh lemons and the feeling of bright sunshine. Emotionally uplifting and forever fresh, lemony oils are positive, fun oils for everyday use. When we walk into a room and smell fresh lemons, it reminds us of summer, and of lemonade. The classic lemon smell is from Lemon essential oil.

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  • Minty

    Refreshing, cooling, and bright, this aroma brings relief for the belly and head. Minty oils penetrate and leave us feeling vibrant and energetic. Remember the peppermint patty? The classic minty aroma is from Peppermint essential oil.

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  • Piney

    This aroma restores balance and calms one from the rush of busy everyday life. The sharp, clear scent of fresh sap opens the head and encourages deep breathing. Imagine yourself walking through a pine forest, taking in the aroma of the fresh needles on the ground and the sap on the tree bark. The classic oil with a pine-y smell is Pine!

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  • Resinous

    This aroma family is unique and delightful. Resinous aromas hold the healing nature of plants. The scents are earthy and deep, with notes of smoke and incense. Resinous aromas hold the fresh smell of trees and sap and syrup. You get the warm, rich, sweet and deep qualities of the plant world from these oils. The classic oils that have a resinous aroma are Myrrh, Opopanax and Frankincense.

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  • Rosy

    The smell of fresh roses. Rosy oils have a strong floral presence. Nourish your heart and enjoy this regal scent. When an oil has an aroma reminiscent of roses, the association goes immediately to the rose flowers. The classic oil? Rose!

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  • Spicy

    This aroma family is full of diverse, passionate scents that suggest international cultures and exotic places. There is a hot element to this aroma—fiery and sparkling. We think of Nutmeg, Cardamom and Ginger when we speak of spicy. This aroma adds depth and character to a blend.

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  • Sweet

    Rich, full aromas. Sweet oils have a delicious pleasing scent with mouth-watering depth. Many oils have a sweet aspect to their aroma—some sweet smells are light, others heavier. Classic sweet smelling oils are Orange and Lime. There is also sweetness in many flower oils like Jasmine and Rose. Sweet is usually combined with another aroma. For example, sweet and fruity (citrus) or sweet and floral (Rose and Jasmine).

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  • Warm and Radiant

    A warm, delightful blanket of aromas that soothe the soul. Warm and radiant aromas evoke a feeling of mellow heat and comfort. Rich, deep and sunny. Oils that have a warm and radiant aroma are very comforting and calming. Classic warm and radiant oils are Black Pepper, Cardamom and Juniper.

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  • Woody

    The aroma of fresh-cut wood and the quiet peace of the forest. These aromas suggest nature and the majesty of tall trees. Woody oils promote a sense of calm. Think of fresh roots and the smell of the earth on a warm sunny day. A classic woody oil is Sandalwood.

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