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Karen Williams has a life-long passion for Essential oils and has dedicated her life to helping others achieve happier, healthier lives through health education. A Certified Aromatherapist and longtime student of herbal medicine, Karen has the additional benefit of previous professional experience as a Registered Nurse and former owner of Recreate, a specialty boutique in Missoula, MT that compassionately served the needs of breast cancer survivors in the area.

Inspired by the business practices established by Andrea Butje and Cindy Black of Aromahead Institute, Karen has embraced the opportunity to follow in their footsteps and continues Aromatics International’s tradition of supporting the best organic farmers and Essential oil distillers in countries all around the world. Karen enjoys continuing to learn about the healing properties of Essential oils and always appreciates meeting other like-minded individuals through the business.

Laren, Karen’s husband and partner, takes great pleasure in working behind the scenes at Aromatics International. He helps maintain our extensive inventory of essential oils and other products, as well as helping to pack and ship oils to Aromatics International customers. Laren is a Certified Prosthetist (maker and fitter of artificial limbs) and a Certified Orthotist (maker and fitter of braces). Karen and Laren love horseback riding together in the backcountry of Montana. On most summer weekends they are to be found deep in the mountains, drinking in the natural beauty of local wilderness areas. They have two wonderful grown children - Jenny and Jaren, and an awesome son-in-law - Evan.

About Aromatics International’s Essential Oils

Right from the beginning, Aromatics International founder Andrea Butje traveled internationally to personally visit with small growers and distillers of therapeutic-grade essential oils. This tradition of commitment, respect for the growers and distillers, and a rigorous standard with respect to quality continues today. All oils sold by Aromatics International are individually imported and quality tested to ensure the highest therapeutic qualities. And we believe that quality is absolutely crucial, particularly as increasing evidence comes to light regarding the dangers of synthetic chemicals and adulterated oils that too commonly make their way into the international market. Aromatics International remains at the forefront of quality control and chemical analysis, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality products that we can obtain.

Most distillers only grow and distill a small selection of plants from their respective regions around the world.  Karen continues to buy from a wide variety of distillers to acquire all of the oils sold at Aromatics International. The company works directly with distillers in Ethiopia, South Africa, Madagascar, Bulgaria, Siberia, Sri Lanka, Slovenia, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, England, France, Canada and the United States. The entire essential oil industry brings together an international community of people who care deeply about plants and the powerful healing properties of essential oils. You can sense this passion in the quality of our products!





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